Where to watch turtle eggs laying on the beach?

14.02 2019
Where to watch turtle eggs laying on the beach?

Turtles are on the list of endangered species. The over-exploitation and poaching are the main reasons of the decrease of the number of all turtle species. In consequence, WWF is now launching a project on protecting and recovering this important species so it can survive in the future. You will be lucky to see turtle eggs laying on the beach during your holidays.

The best places to watch turtle eggs laying on the beach

  • Turtle island national park is a popular park of Borneo. It is one of the best suggestions for those who want to watch turtle egg laying. The place has been designed as a national park to keep newly laid eggs safe from any damage caused by human activities and other animals. Many turtles such as green and hawksbill turtles come to this wild coastline park to lay their eggs. This gives you a big change to watch turtle eggs when you visit Turtle island national parks.
  • Situated in the northeast coast of Unguja, Mnemba Island is a getaway, popular as a nesting place of endangered green turtles. It is really popular and welcomes a large number of turtle adventurers. The island is surrounded by a large reef which serves as a conservation area of marine species. The wildlife and the large white-sand beach is the reason why green turtles choose this place to lay and keep their eggs until they hatch. Beautiful seaside hotels are available around the Mnemba to ensure your accommodation.
  • Well known for its purest air and many beautiful seaside spots, Seychelles is home to Coco and Felicite Island which is a perfect destination to watch turtle eggs. The place is mainly composed of natural green forests, clear Blue Ocean and large sandy beaches where a number of turtles walk around. It gives you the opportunity to see wild turtles laying their eggs at the beach. The best time to enjoy this experience is from October to January.
  • Ras Al Jinz : Oman, an Arab country, is situated in the southeastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. The country is a popular place to see greenback turtles thanks to the small sandy bay of Ras Al Jinz. The place allows visitors to experience the turtle nesting at the white sand beach almost throughout the year. However the chance will be increased if you go there between the months of July to September. There are tour guides to take you around to avoid bothering the turtles while digging and laying their eggs. You will be required to have a permit for the visit.

Love to watch turtle eggs?

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