Focus on the Bahamas, an ideal destination for turtle watching

09.02 2019
Focus on the Bahamas, an ideal destination for turtle watching

The Bahamas is an archipelago which is composed of more than 700 islands, islets and coral cays. The capital city is Massau, which is located in the New Providence Island. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The paradisiac Bahamas is a popular tourist destination due to its amazing landscape and turtles. The Bahamas is an ideal destination for a turtle watching. Where should you go if you want to watch turtles in The Bahamas? Where should you stay if you go there?

Discover the best spots for turtle watching in The Bahamas. Then, find out a few picks of where to stay in the Bahamas.

The best spots to watch turtles in The Bahamas

  • Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas: It is located in the West of Treasure Cay. Green Turtle Cay is named after the green turtles which inhabit the island. If you are looking for spots to watch green turtles, you should come to Green Turtle Cay.
  • Turtle Reef is located in Freetown, in Southern part of The Grand Bahamas. Freeport islet is located in the Southern of The Grand Bahama, in the North of the Bahamas. It is a popular place to see the green turtles.
  • Conception Island is an islet in the North East of Long Island, in The Bahamas. Conception Island is the islet where green turtles hatch. In fact, the islet is uninhabited by people. Instead, it is home to the Conception National Park, which is the nestling place for green turtles, silver boa, and seabirds.
  • Great Guana Cay is located in the East of The Bahamas. The most famous spot for turtle watching in the Great Guana Cay is Baker's Bay. Baker' Bay is 3-mile long, from the north to the south. The Bay is endowed with foraging. Apart from that, it is the nesting home for five sea turtles species, including the Jamaican slider or the Cat Island slider, the Green Turtle, and the Loggerhead sea turtles.

Accommodation in The Bahamas

If you are going to watch turtles in The Bahamas, here are some ideas on where to stay.

  • The beautiful resort of Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina is located in Tarpum Bay, in East of The Bahamas. The area is endowed with long beaches.
  • Valentines Resort & Marina is a 4-Star seaside resort in Dunmore Town, in Harbour Island, in The Bahamas. It is located near the Royal Palm Hotel. Harbour Island is also home to Coral Sands Hotel.
  • Sand Dollar Cottage is a popular guesthouse in Queen's Highway, in Rock Sound, The Bahamas. It is located next to Kalik shop and the Market Place.

Turtle watching holiday in The Bahamas

The Bahamas are excellent destinations for turtle watching. You can enjoy the beauty of the paradisiac Bahamas while watching different turtle species. Unwind in the islands and islets, and cays of The Bahamas on your next holidays.

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